Upon placing the order, you will receive a final email confirmation before the order is processed.  Unless otherwise agreed to in writing , all initial orders require payment before shipping via VISA, MasterCard or eTransfer.  All subsequent orders can apply for company credit NET 30 days. approval.

Once order is processed, you will be sent a confirmation email with your receipt & shipping tracking number. 

Purchase comes with the following depending on choice:

New Authorized Retailers of the AquaSafe Branded Filters get added to the AquaSafe website as an Authorized Retailer, and our specialists will contact you to provide training material, sales strategies and direct support for any staff or clients that may have technical questions about AquaSafe Water Filter. 100% Satisfaction Moneyback Guarantee  Estimate Delivery: 2-8 days

Private Label Filters:  Technical manuals & SDS including technical support and access to filter specialist.  100% guarantee that product is free from defects.  $5,000 deposit due on order with balance due NET 15 days on delivery. Estimated production & delivery time from moment of receiving approved artwork by client: 8-10 weeks

Blank Filters: Technical manuals & SDS included. 100% guarantee that product is free from defects. Estimate Delivery: Dependant on manufacturing schedule 5-10 days.

AquaSafe Filter Order: July 21, 2024

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